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Flexible Practice
Rent space by the hour to fit the specific scheduling needs of your practice


Shared Work Spaces & Amenities


​More Info about Amenities



Offices & Meeting Rooms

  • Individual and Couples therapy offices: $6/hour

  • Play therapy offices: $10/hour

  • Conference room: $15/hour 



Fixed Practice
Lock in your schedule and use the same office every week for greater consistency and predictability

Shared Work Spaces & Amenities

​​(Included in Office Use Rate)

​More Info about Amenities



Offices & Meeting Rooms

Flat rate for part and full time office use starting at $90 a month (see Pricing here)

Up to 4 hours a month of conference room use included; additional time at $15 per hour


Ready to Get Started?

Shared Spaces

Do you need a space to complete your notes or have a meeting with other professionals but don't need an office? Check out our hourly and daily shared space options!

Military Discount


Enrollment Fee Waived

Proof of current military-connected or veteran status



*Includes all monthly taxes and fees 

^One-time $45 enrollment fee upon membership registration

° Monthly membership fee is discounted if you do not require mail services

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