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You are not alone here

Our shared workspaces are designed to support you wherever you are in your practice. Whether you are a seasoned professional with years of experience or still in school earning your degree, we have everything you need ... but also community...


Our offices are private practice spaces that are specifically built with you in mind and are on-demand by the hour or day. From the time a client walks into the reception area to the time they leave through the specialized client exit, our space has been designed to provide a seamless experience for both you and your client.


Tier 1


These smaller offices (less than 100 sq ft) are perfect for individual sessions, telehealth meetings or just a private space to get some work done.

Tier 2


These larger offices are great for meeting with couples or smaller families.


Tier 3

Play Therapy Offices

These offices are designed with children and their families in mind. 

Conference Room

A great space for group sessions, meetings with colleagues, and even staff retreats. The room includes A/V equipment.

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